Updates 2008

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2.2.2008 Site opened for test use.19.9.2008 New photos Regina Baltica
8.3.2008 Website opened. There are still lot of build a site, but i hope you enjoy a visit on matkustajalaivat.com.20.9.2008 New ships Balmoral , Ventura , New photos Julia , Star
29.3.2008 Now is posible have your own photos on this site gallery.21.9.2008 New ship Eurodam
5.4.2008 New photos from Rosella, Galaxy. New ship Mega Smeralda23.9.2008 New photos Gabriella
8.4.2008 New ships Finnstar, Finnmaid, Finnlady27.9.2008 New ship Crown of Scandinavia , New photos Prinsesse Ragnhild
9.4.2008 New ships Nordlink, Europalink  New ship Stena Saga
11.4.2008 New photos Mariella, Ålandsfärjan, Regina Baltica. New ship Color Viking28.9.2008 New ship Queen of Scandinavia , New photos Superfast VIII , Stena Saga
12.4.2008 New ship Bohus1.10.2008 New photos Galaxy , Romantika , Silja Festival
18.4.2008 New ships Finnclipper, Finneagle, Finnfellow2.10.2008 New photos Silja Festival , Romantika , Victoria I New ship Finnsailor
19.4.2008 New ship Birger Jarl3.10.2008 New photos Finnsailor , Finnclipper , Finneagle
21.4.2008 New photos Superstar4.10.2008 New photos Finnfellow , Ålandsfärjan New ship Finnhansa,
22.4.2008 New photos Superstar   Transeuropa , Finntrader , Finnpartner
25.4.2008 New ship Princesa Marissa5.10.2008 New photos Koli III  New ship Merilin
27.4.2008 New photos Princesa Marissa, Amorella8.10.2008 New photos Galaxy
1.5.2008 New photos Viking XPRS, Rosella, Viking Cinderella, Superstar10.10.2008 New photos Julia New ship Hermes
3.5.2008 New photos Viking XPRS, New ship Kristina Brahe11.10.2008 New ship Marine Princess , Eckerö New photos Mariella
4.5.2008 New ship Assalama13.10.2008 New ship Astor
10.5.2008 New ships Da Vinci, C Express16.10.2008 New ship Scandinavia
11.5.2008 New ship Princess Rowena18.10.2008 New ship Ionian Spirit
17.5.2008 New ships Serenade, Silja Europa, Baltic Jet, Nordic jet21.10.2008 New photos Queen of Scandinavia
21.5.2008 New photos Volcán de Tenagua22.10.2008 New ship Carmen Del Mar
22.5.2008 New ship Kristina Regina25.10.2008 New photos Superfast IX
23.5.2008 New photos Kristina Regina27.10.2008 New ship Cristal
24.5.2008 New ship SNAV Toscana, new photos Kristina Regina6.11.2008 New photos Cristal
30.5.2008 New ships Superseacat Four, Superseacat Three, Updated Kingdom7.11.2008 New ship Cesme
31.5.2008 New ship Almudaina Dos, New photos Tallink AE 2, Meloodia8.11.2008 New photos Serena , Cristal New ships Superfast XI  , Superfast XII
2.6.2008 New ship Viking10.11.2008 New photos Superfast XI
3.6.2008 New photos Fantaasia11.11.2008 New ship RG 1
7.6.2008 New photo Superspeed 2. New ships Silja Serenade, Silja Symphony16.11.2008 New ship Wasa Queen
  , BlueWhite Eagle18.11.2008 New ship Nordnorge
9.6.2008 New ship Alcantara Dos21.11.2008 New ship Marco Polo  New photos Superfast VII
11.6.2008 New ship Speedrunner II25.11.2008 New photos Silja Festival
12.6.2008 New ship Queen Nefertiti26.11.2008 New photos Silja Symphony
21.6.2008 New ship Color Fantasy, Color Magic. New photos Vana Tallinn29.11.2008 New ship Queen Elizabeth 2 , New photos Bohus , SuperSpeed 1 , Superspeed 2
2.7.2008 New photos Birka Paradise, Superfast VIII, Silja Symphony30.11.2008 New photos Viking Cinderella
  Superstar, Baltic Jet, Galaxy, Viking XPRS5.12.2008 New ship Sea Wind , Wolin
4.7.2008 New ship Prinsesse Ragnhild6.12.2008 New ship Kopernik
5.7.2008 New ship Andrea7.12.2008 New photos Sea Wind , Wolin
6.7.2008 New ship Nordlandia10.12.2008 New ship Polonia
11.7.2008 New ship Silver Cloud20.12.2008 New ship Mona Lisa
24.7.2008 New ship Vistamar , New photos Baltic Princess22.12.2008 New ship Gann
2.8.2008 New photos Julia25.12.2008 New ship Westerdam New photos Isabella , Silja Serenade
1.9.2008 New photos Superspeed 2 , Julia , Superstar , Superfast VII26.12.2008 New photos Silja Serenade New ship Fjord Cat
   Superseacat Three , Superseacat Four , Viking XPRS27.12.2008 New ship Bergensfjord
6.9.2008 New photos Julia , Star , Superstar , Baltic Princess28.12.2008 New ship Max Mols
7.9.2008 New photos Superfast IX New ship Rotterdam