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                                                        Destination Gotland


Rederi AB Gotland has been contracted by the Swedish government to operate traffic between Gotland and the Swedish mainland since 1998 via Destination Gotland AB. Destination Gotland traffics Nynäshamn-Visby, Oskarshamn-Visby and Grankullavik (Öland)-Visby.



     Current fleet                           Formely fleet

Gotland (2003)   Betancuria (1981)
Gotlandia (1999)   Gotland (1981)
Gotlandia II (2006)   HSC Gotland (1999)
Gute (1979)   HSC Gotlandia (1999)
Visby (2003)   Nordic Sun (1970)
  Prinz Oberon (1970)
  Thjelvar (1981)
  Visborg (1980)
  Visby (1964)
  Visby (1980)