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Sweden’s road ferries form an important part of the country’s public transport system. Short-cuts over the water enable millions of people to travel freely around coastal districts as well as urban and rural areas.

Ferry routes also facilitate essential public services and goods transportation.

On average, eight out of ten passengers are satisfied with our service. Our ferries operate punctually, with minimal interruption to service. We run an expanding business with an insistence on profitability.

Road ferries represent an environmentally friendly choice. During transit, vehicles are requested to switch off their engines while being transported collectively. Travelling by ferry also helps reduce the impact of barrier effects on animals, nature, and maritime traffic. Our vessels run on green diesel, while fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 50 percent on cable ferry routes. Furthermore, we are fully committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

     Current fleet                             Formely fleet

 Braheborg (2014) Linnea (1969)
 Christina Brahe (1974) Färja 61/277 (1969)
 Ebba Brahe (1990) Färja 61/289 (1971)
 Fragancia (1971) Färja 61/310 (1979)
 Jupiter (2007)  Färja 61/190 (1954)
Linea (1969) Färja 61/233 (1959)
Nora (1979) Färja 61/243 (1959)
Pluto (2004) Färja 61/280 (1970)
Yxlan (1988) Färja 61/297 (1974) “Brahe I”
Gulli (1977) Elektra (1988)
Frida (1978) Färja 61/329 (1988)
Färja 61/301 (1977)
Färja 61/303 (1978)
Färja 61/197 (1956)