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NEL Lines

Maritime Company of Lesvos / Naftiliaki Eteria Lesvou

NEL LINES was established in 1972, as a company of popular base with shareholders the residents of Lesvos island and primary aim the purchase

of a liner vessel for the Mytilene-Chios-Piraeus route. Since then, the company has expanded, serving most of the Aegean sea destinations.

Today, under new administration and developmental policy, the fleet of NEL LINES constitutes  of conventional passenger-ferry boats, high speed

passenger- ferry boats  and Ro-Ro vessels  which fully comply with the International Code of Safety Management (ISM CODE).


     Current fleet                           Formely fleet

Alcaeos (1970)
Arberia (1975)
Odysseas Elytis (1972)
Ropax 1 (1980)
Ropax 2 (1980)