Capacity & Accommodation

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                                 Capacity & Accommodation 2000-

Passengers 258
Trailers 91
Lane meters 1800 m , Tanktop 240 m + Main deck 735 m + Upper deck 825 m








                                Accommodation 2000 –

Stateroom type Rooms Berths Size Decks Photo
A2 category business class cabins 2 4 25,69-18,56 m2 6 With windows are situated on Deck 6 in the ferry’s bow. The cabins include a twin bed, comfortable sitting
area,  working space, TV, minibar, wardrobe as well as shower/WC. Room service available.
B1 3 3 9,67 m2 6 Represent a category including several single cabins with sea view, shower and WC. These
rooms include a bed,  armchair, table and wardrobe.
BA2 6 12 12,70 m2 5 A table and armchairs next to panoramic windows gives you a pleasure to enjoy the sea view
during your whole  trip. These cabins also include a wardrobe unit and WC/shower.
B2 35 70 9,84 m2 5,6 The cabins suitable for two person are equipped with a wardrobe, armchair, small table, two-
tier bed sets and  WC/shower.
B4 5 20 16,40 m2 5 a spacious four-beds cabin with two panoramic windows is located on Deck 5 . The cabin
includes a table, armchairs, a wardrobe unit and WC/shower.
C2 20 40 9,43 m2 5 Accommodation includes two-tier bed, small table, armchairs, wardrobe and WC/shower.
D4 14 56 10,14 m2 6 2 two-tiered beds, small table, WC and shower are included.
Total: 85 205