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Our story begins in the 1950s when a British travel agent, Swan’s Tours, operated by a father and son (W.F. Swan and R.K. Swan), were invited to organise a tour of the antiquities in Greece. Following its success, a full programme of cruises was developed with writers, academics and clergymen invited to feature as guest lecturers.

A key difference to other commercial cruises was that Swan Hellenic cruises endeavoured never to repeat the same itineraries twice. It also landed frequently at unusual destinations affording guests the opportunity to explore first hand places that at the time remained unknown to the intrepid traveller. Initially these new lands, were primarily the classical sites in the Aegean sea, around the coasts and islands of modern Greece and Turkey.

Over time The Swan Hellenic brand became known for combining bold, intriguing itineraries with expert academic lecturers all the while enjoying a sophisticated on board experience.

Almost 100 years on the compelling mix of cultured luxury and trailblazing experiences continues to inspire our travellers.

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