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SeaFrance was formed on 1st January 1996 following the end of the pooling agreement between SNAT and Stena Line. In the same year, SeaFrance Ltd. was established as a subsidiary responsible for the sales and marketing of the service in the UK as well as operations at the port of Dover. Operated directly by the French national railway company (SNCF) up until 1990, SeaFrance was formed in 1996. Thus the 1st of January 1996 saw the end of the Sealink pool, from which time SeaFrance (formerly SNAT) alone started up a service based on an entirely new concept.

Service cancelled 16th November 2011. Ferrys laid up on Calais.

The Commercial Court of Paris on Wednesday gave the judicial liquidation of the ferry company SeaFrance, but now the activity until January 28, 2012.




                                                                 Formely fleet

Rodin (2001)
Seafrance Berlioz (2005)
SeaFrance Cézanne (1980)
Seafrance Moliére (2002)
Seafrance Nord Pas-De-Calais (1987)
Seafrance Rodin (2001)