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Founded 1959, Italian ferry company. From 1990 Moby Lines became offical name of company.  Operate from Italy and France to Elba, Sardinia and Corsica.

2006 Moby Lines purchased Lloyd Sardegna.


     Current fleet                           Formely fleet

Moby Dada (1981)  (operated Tirrenia) Albayzin (2004)

Golfo Degli Angeli (2004)

Moby Drea (1975) Maria Grazia On (2004)
Moby Fantasy (1976) Moby Dream (1967)
Moby Otta (1976) Moby Freedom (2001)
Moby Zazá (1982) Moby Magic (1975)
Moby Tommy (2002) Sardegna Bella (1967)
Scintu (2009)