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Sisterships:  Island Sky

Name Sea Spirit
ex. Names Spirit of Oceanus, Megastar Sagittarius, Sun Viva,
Renaissance Five, Hanseatic Renaissance
Imo Number 8802868
Call sign C6PJ8
Flag Bahamas
Homeport Nassau
Builder Nuovi Cantieri Apuania SpA – Carrara, Italy
Hull number 1144
Operator Poseidon Expeditions
Owner TN Cruise KS
Manager Cruise Management
International, Inc.
Length OA 90,60 m
Length BP 78,82 m
Length LL
Length Reg.
Width Ext
Width Hull 15,30 m
Width Tonnage
Draft 4,20 m
Air draft 28,80 m
Draugth 5.85 m
Main engines 2x  MAN-B&W 8L28/32A
Propulsion 2x MAN Alpha Controllable Pitch Propeller ( 4-bladed
Power 3518 kW
Aux. Engines 2x MAN B&W 5L28/32A ( 900 kW ea. @ 750 rpm ) => Total: 1800 kW

Shaft Generators 2x 800 kW

Bow thrusters 1x Brunvoll Fixed Pitch Thruster ( Thruster Power (fwd) = 364 kW
Stern Thrusters
Speed 14 knots
Stabilizers 2x Blohm & Voss
Fuel Consumption 14 knots @ 17.1 mt / day + 4.4 mt / day

Fresh Water

Passenger decks 5
Cargo decks 0
Decks 7
Passenger elevators 1
Lifeboats 4x 48p
Liferafts 6x 22p
GT  (ITC 69) 4200
NT  (ITC 69) 1263
DWT 695
Displacement Tonnage
Classification Company Bureau Veritas
Classification  Hull  Mach Passenger ship

Unrestricted navigation  MON-SHAFT ,  ICE CLASS ID

Ice class 1D