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Royal Olympia Cruises represents more than 100 years of experience in the cruise industry and has distinguished itself as the cruise company that provides unique itineraries, human-sized vessels and warm service. It was formed in December 1995 by the joint venture of two well- established Greek cruiselines, Epirotiki Lines and Sun Line, both pioneers in cruising worldwide.  Royal Olympia Cruises firmly believes that cruising in areas such as the Eastern Mediterranean , the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers and Central America should be undertaken in smaller, more intimate cruise ships , allowing the passengers to experience the wonders of these fascinating destinations in numbers small enough to enhance the experience. Being a Greek company, ROC is naturally proud of the heritage and history of their country and the region in general and would like to show it to passengers in comfort and style, but in an atmosphere that is both intimate and relaxing. 30th december 2003 Royal Olympic Cruise Lines, Inc., has announced that two of its subsidiary companies, the shipowning companies of the Olympia  Explorer and Olympia Voyager, have filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States bankruptcy code. Three older ships operate season 2004

                                                   Formely fleet

Olympia Countess (1976)
Olympia Explorer (2002)
Olympia Voyager (2000)
Olympic Countess (1976)
Olympic Explorer (2002)
Olympic Voyager (2000)
Seawing (1971)
World Renaissance (1966)