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Riga Sea Line

                     Joint-stock company Rīgas Jūras Līnija (JSC Riga Sea Line).


JSC Riga Sea Line was established on January 25, 2002 with the aim to organise a permanent ferry line between Riga and Stockholm. JSC Riga Sea Line shareholders are Riga City Council, Riga Free Port Administration, LLC Astramar, and LLC Unimars. From April 25 till September 18 the line was served by ferry Max Mols leased from Danish joint-stock company Mols Linien. On October 10, 2002 JSC Riga Sea Line became the owners of the ferry Baltic Kristina that will serve the Riga-Stockholm line. Service ended 15th October 2005 for economical problems.


                                                    Formely fleet

Baltic Kristina (1973)
Gute (1979)
Max Mols (1998)